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Folk, today, Akua Dede As3mp3 is flowing with words of encouragement to not only my young readers, but adults too! Note, this message is not just for girls/women, but for boys and men too. I believe a lack of the following: self-esteem, confidence and self-worth is not gender or age specific, it exists in all genders and ages. Now, why do I want to talk about this today? It all started when a young lady called Sarah, owner of a classy eye ware collection in Accra, Ghana, SARAZ, stopped by to visit. During our animated conversation about social issues plaguing the youth of today, I had an EPIPHANY! I said, As3mp3, it is time to send words into the universe to Encourage and Motivate…

Hey, whether sporting one of my signature looks, an Afro, Braids, Cornrows, Kente head-wrap, this intelligent, witty, effervescent, indefatigable dark-skinned, gapped-tooth Nubian beauty with a 1000-megha watt smile, YES ME Akua Dede As3mp3 walks with purpose into any room and commands attention. Folk, what turns heads is not my looks, it is the aura of self-assuredness and confidence I exude. Wait a minute, did I just refer to myself as beautiful, and use all those positive adjectives? YES! YES! YES! I am beautiful, I know it, and I own it! My dear Young Lady! Young Man! Remember these words going forward and own all the favorable and beautiful attributes you have been blessed with!

FACT! Confidence cannot be taught, but self-esteem which subsequently leads to confidence can be harnessed, nurtured, and instilled in anyone. Being the middle child, and first girl in my family, I was raised and taught to be audacious, courageous, tenacious, resilient, strong, independent, fierce, and authentic. My mother never failed to remind me of my strength and beauty. Wow! BEAUTY? As in looks? Not at all!!! Beauty as in the good virtues and qualities that radiate from within me! Beauty as in being kind, generous, loving, bright, smart, intelligent, funny… the list is endless! Hey Young Lady! Hey Young Man! Take an introspective look into yourself, and you will find that you possess admirable qualities. I know it is difficult because we are not all conditioned to unsubscribe to societal pressures, norms, and requirements. This challenge stems from a lack of self-awareness, or should I say an inability to recognize one’s own worth. This unfortunately contributes to low self-esteem. BUT HOLD-ON! All is not lost because you can build up your self-esteem by changing your mindset. Start by believing in yourself and having the knowledge that you have a lot to offer the world.  You matter, your opinion matters, your presence is required and needed! You must get into the habit of inculcating and applying principles of self-love and self-worth. You must not shy away from self-praise; be bold to speak up without fear of reprisals or rejection from your peers and family; be in tune with your own character and feelings;  do not allow anyone to make you feel inferior or less of a human being because you are different! Hello, we are all unique, so EMBRACE your uniqueness! It is not braggadocios to openly display or talk about your skills and talents. You imprison yourself when you live your life trying to please others; when you spend your life seeking approval, validation, acknowledgment, and acceptance from people, especially undeserving people. You MUST not seek endorsements from your peers! You MUST know your worth! You must go where you are celebrated and not tolerated, but first, CELEBRATE yourself. You MUST allow your light to shine! Be yourself, you know why? YOU ARE ENOUGH ALL BY YOURSELF!

Oooooh, brother As3mp3 is on a roll today… Hang on, this someone just mention the “C” word? As in CLIQUES! Stay tuned…


  1. BAM!
    FACT! Confidence cannot be taught, but self-esteem which subsequently leads to confidence can be harnessed, nurtured, and instilled in anyone. Wow.

    Another good one frm the hot press of AkuaDede!

    Cn I share to ma mentees? We all need to engender confidence in ourselves n not misconstrue tht to be arrogance.

  2. …but first, CELEBRATE yourself! Brilliant! I just might start quoting you soon, Ma’am… excellent piece! Thank you.

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