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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah I Am Giddy with Excitement! Exhilarated! Filled with Joyful Exuberance! Pinching myself with glee!

Wow! It is really happening! A University in Somanya! Imagine the Socio-economic impact of a University of this magnitude on this impoverished community! ASTRONOMICAL! If you are wondering why I cannot stop talking about a university in Somanya…after all Ghana now boasts of several universities, right? So, what is the big deal? It is simple, Somanya unfortunately, is known to be one of the poorest towns in the Eastern Region of Ghana, and a university is definitely going to help transform, reshape, and build this poverty-stricken community. A university is not only going to provide a well-needed and well-deserved educational experience, but Somanya is going to see sustainable growth in businesses, infrastructure development, employment generation, regional development, economic multiplier effects, the introduction of new management, and most importantly, an improvement in the lifestyle of its citizens. All this will subsequently positively affect the social and economic development of Ghana. THINK! VISUALIZE! Somanya will soon showcase fancy restaurants, cafes/internet cafes, shops, shopping mall(s), hostels, hotels; a cultural center… etc. Are you getting the bigger picture?

Akua Dede As3mp3, daughter of Yilo Krobo is doing the Dipo dance and singing… Aweny3 Dede leee mo bako ni w’a fi3 ko!

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