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“You must obey your fu**ing Master. Do you fu**ing understand what I am saying? Have you wasted your ‘MASTER’S’ time? These were the words overheard coming out of the mouth of the Italian owner of Bella Afrik Restaurant in Accra to his Ghanaian male worker! The response to his ‘MASTER’ from the Ghanaian male worker was, “Yes, Master.” Yes, Master,” with his head bowed and visibly shaken. “Your MASTER’S time?” “Yes, Master?” Oh my God! Yes, Master? In Ghana? 2022? Did Slavery return when no one was watching?

Yeah, yeah, yeah! I know what you’re thinking, and I can hear the questions churning away. After being away for a minute, what in Mother Africa has As3mp3 so heated up? Hold on, let me take a sip of my delicious hibiscus tea. YUMMY! So, my dear friends/sisters and I decided to go out for a bite to eat. We decided on Thai food at a Thai restaurant in the Afrikiko complex, next to Bella Afrik, an Italian restaurant. Following our lunch, and as we were leaving the Thai place, the owner of Bella Afrik invited us over to schmooze us by offering us free drinks. I thought to myself, “hmmm, As3mp3, dude has a neat marketing trick.” By inviting affluent-looking ladies over for free drinks, you’re hoping for good return patronage from us to your establishment. Well, being polite, well-mannered ladies, we accepted his offer and sat down for about ten minutes to imbibe on a non-alcoholic drink.

After our drinks, we decided to shout out to the Italian owner and thank him for his marketing gimmick under the guise of generosity. Hmmm, strange, this man who had met us with a warm and inviting smile wouldn’t look at us or acknowledge our words of thanks; instead, his focus was on the male worker sitting across the table from him. AND that is when my friends heard him using the expletives above! Wow! Talk about divide and conquer! So, ‘MASTER’ treats well-dressed, affluent ladies with respect, smiles, and invites us over for drinks. YET, ‘MASTER’ subjects his Ghanaian workers to slave treatment, using disparaging, vulgar expletives to address them, and calls himself MASTER? Let me ask this question again, did slavery return when no one watched?

I implore all my readers, Ghanaians, non-Ghanaians alike, to STOP PATRONIZING BELLA AFRIK! Do not give racist owners of establishments in Ghana, who subject Ghanaian workers to modern-day Slavery, your money! We must all work together to put an end to this modern-day Slavery! It is cruel and unacceptable, and we must not tolerate it. We condone, encourage, and endorse the likes of MASTER and his compatriots if we continue to patronize their businesses and establishments!

As3mp3 OUT!


  1. That one would be so shocked at the sudden switch of behaviour to the point where one is gobsmacked and still, like a deer caught in headlights. Numbed, by such words, confidently uttered in a public place, in Accra, the capital city of Ghana, in 2022! Disgusting!

    1. I knew you were in shock! You would have rushed into immediate action had you not been in shock! The temerity of this Italian boss! MASTER? This is not the first of such abusive treatment of Ghanaian workers from foreigners who own and run businesses in Ghana! The media needs to bring more awareness, and these business owners need to be held accountable, made to pay fines… or face incarceration where the abuse is physical.

  2. Hi my name is Claudio the owner of Bella AFRIK
    I have just come across your post on your website and I must say I am absolutely gutted and shocked that I am associated to such negative, false and repelling accusations.

    I condemn any sort of racist behavior or do I discriminate whatsoever, this must clearly be a misrepresented of what we stand and believe in.

    I will like the chance to meet you and get to the bottom of this.

    My what’s app number is ‪+39 351 873 5097‬
    kindly call. I will like to invite you to Bella for a meal whilst we talk over this piercing issue.

    Thanks and I look forward to meeting up soon

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