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Hello folks. Akua Dede As3mp3 is back a-rapping.

It’s such a shame
After a year, some things remain the same

Amoako-Atta is slacking!
Mummy’s road is still not fixed, and needs a-backing
The dust alone is filling her lungs with poison
Election Petitions, Mahama is crying
Supreme Court rulings, Mahama is still trying
Nana Addo is smiling

Hawa Koomson is trending
Are we talking skills and experience, or we want phonetics
Alex Mould is fronting
Spewing nonsense

Agyin-Asare is praying
Please run for cover or you’ll be braying
Men are bragging and women are nagging!
CORONA VIRUS is threatening

Sammy Gyamfi is still fooling
But hey what do you expect, from a geezer who’s always drooling?
Jean Mensa is slamming, this lady is banging
Beauty & brains, don’t hate, appreciate and get to standing
The Dollar is rising; the Cedi is falling
Cost of Fuel is increasing

Woyome is still sleeping, Prices are flying
People are suffering
COVID is killing, while people keep milling
E.C.G. is disappointing
Teachers are crying
A-Plus is dissing
Stone Boy is putuuing and pataaing
Wendy Shay is plagiarizing
Politicians are lying
Graduates are searching
Policemen are collecting; BNI is arresting

WhatsApp is jamming!
Here I am rhyming
And there you are still reading and smiiiiiling
I know right, it’s iiiiiinteresting

Hahahahahahaaa… watch me as I walk away laughing!!!…

As3mp3 OUT!

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