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Okay, I know you are asking, “As3mp3, who is Afia Akoto?” Afia Akoto is a beautiful and intelligent lady I recently made friends with on social media. I obtained her permission to repost this message because it resonated with me, and I thought, “As3mp3, do not keep it to yourself, share share share with your friends!”

“Who is your friend?

Is your friend the one who smiles at you and stabs you in the back because you lack discerning spirit?

The one who hates to see others celebrate you but applauds you publicly just because they compete with you secretly?

The one who keeps conniving with others to cause you pain and misery?

The one who sits, wines, and dines with your known enemies?

The one who hates to see others help you out of your dire situations because they always want you to be at their mercy?

The ones who will speak badly behind you, yet will publicly refer to you as “sister” or “bae”?

Or those who are comfortable calling you their “bae,” “sister,” “brother,” “son,” “mummy,” and “daddy” only in private and behind closed doors, in their comfort zones because no one can see them, but cannot publicly stand with you, or acknowledge you.

The one who forgets all you have done for them at their time of need because they are comfortable today?

The one who will not defend you when others mock you, tag, and wrongfully label you?

The ones who mastermind your downfall, and later when they see you survive openly and publicly want to show much, they care for you?”

FOLK, do you know your friend(s)? I mean, do you know the people you refer to as friends. We need to pray for wisdom, discernment, and basic common sense in our choices of friends and friendships. In these challenging times of a pandemic, and, as we get older, we tend to lean more upon our friends for support. Are you sure that the person you call a friend is genuinely and sincerely a friend?

Catch you on the next blog!

As3mp3 OUT!


  1. I am almost in tears because I have friends and relatives who have done one or more of the above to me. Thank you for sharing and God bless

    1. Hmmmm George,
      Please know that you’re not alone in your unfortunate experience. I have several friends and family who have done worse and still trying to do more damage. It’s a sad reality that we need to pray about. We need wisdom and discernment from God.

  2. Some people are just pure evil…kick you when you are down and vulnerable but then there are those ? gems that come and rescue you and show you true love and support.The one’s that start out tentative acquaintances and blossom into something so beautiful..Those are for the journey on..Whoever dropped off at some junction never knew you would come up smelling of roses..So I guess naysayers have their place..A stepping stone to your moving on..I have been through the wars but so thankful for gems I found in all that pain…Good word! Wisdom 101..Shine your eye abi?? It glitters but it ain’t always gold!!!

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