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So, I recently had a chat with my sister-in-law, the beautiful, delightful, talented, creative, and artistic beads whisperer, Odehyi3 Abena Owiredua, (Okyeman Dehyie) about her wrist beads. This dynamic wife, and mother of two, Abena is the creative genius behind the beautiful handcrafted wrist beads worn by both men and women all over Ghana, the US, and Europe. “WHY wrist beads?” I asked. Abena said, and I quote, “I just wanted to create something unique, put ART on our wrists.” Wow! A very apt description of what Abena does; it is ART on the wrists of the wearers. I also asked Abena why she chose the name Togas and Beads? In typical fitting Abena Owiredua form, she responded, “Togas and Beads because I want people to feel comfortable wearing my wrist beads with any outfit, and not to restrict themselves to just traditional or formal wear.” Abena’s passion and enthusiasm for creating and designing these custom-made pieces are infectious. As she talks about the creative process, her eyes light up and you are drawn into an almost mythical world of people clad in fancy clothing and adorned with beads on their wrists. I call her the beads whisperer because Abena masterfully and skillfully blends different colored pieces of beads, and cleverly mixes large and small beads, creating eclectic unique and stylish custom-made pieces.

Folk, you may ask why I am so in love with the beads created and designed by Togas & Beads, my obsession, excitement and my show of almost childlike juvenile exuberance each time I acquire new pieces. See, people wear beads for several reasons: some wear beads for celebrations and festivities, spiritual or traditional objects, artistic expressions, or fashion statements. Now, traditionally, waist beads were the everyday beaded items worn by Ashanti and Krobo people in Ghana. These days, beautiful colorful beads worn around the wrists, neck, and ankle are in fashion. Togas & Beads create and design the best beautiful, bright, tastefully handcrafted wrist beads suitable for all occasions and all reasons and seasons. Everyone knows I, Akua Dede As3mp3, the Kyebi/Krobo Tsunami, is never seen without my beads, specifically, my wrist beads. I especially love the ones I wear on my wrists from Togas & Beads because they are unique STATEMENT pieces for me.  I call them ‘statement’ pieces because each custom-designed wrist bead adds a touch of class, elegance, and chic to any style of clothing I wear. I love to be seen sporting different colorful wrists beads. I can wear it with my suit to court, with my evening gown to a formal event, a traditional Ghanaian outfit; casually with my jeans and T-shirt, the list is endless.

Seriously check out Togas & Beads on Instagram and Facebook and you will fall in love with Abena’s wrist beads. Go get you some!!!

Hey! Talking about Togas & Beads, Kyebi, culture, tradition, princesses, outfits – let me dazzle you with titbits of my trip to the Kyebi Durbar a week ago! Buckle up! All I can say is, it was a GRAND AFFAIR!


  1. Nice piece. U have taste.
    I do luv beards too. They do make statements for any occasion.
    That’s one artistry the white man can’t take away from us. No Chinese copycopy self…lol

  2. Art on the wrist…I love that! I love beads on wrists, ankles, waist, neck…will look her up when I get to GH..lovely piece, Dede

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