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Hello Fellow Ghanaians, this is Akua Dede As3mp3 on the mic rapping… this New Jersey lawyer is bored and musing; allow me to bust a rhyme or two, cos this our beloved country Ghana has gone bonkers, all in the name of politics from yonkers;  and it goes a little something like this; First came Me Tarzan, you Jane, a VP running mate which left some frowning in hate, and the feminist screaming hallelujah; Second came a nonsensical distraction, in the name of Papa No, leaving sensible folk confused, at the lengths our young women will stoop, all in the game of being used; Third came the NPP Manifesto, filled with promises of many more Infrastructures, Digitization and Interoperability between Mobile Money and Banking; Practice of Transparency using a tool called a Delivery Tracker with accessibility to all; Oh wait a minute, there was the Airport at Cape Coast sending many in a tizzle, asking for shizzle ma nizzle? I thought As3mp3 this is great, VP Bawumia you’re the man; but will the ordinary Joe, who’s hungry and uneducated, understand all this Moe & Moe; Fifth, just when I thought I’ll take a break, reflecting and musing on my observations while eating cake; in came NDC’s Tarzan, swinging from one guinea fowl feather to the other, singing the tune I’ll legalize Okada, I said Oh JDM enough already; AND now we have yet another, OMG is there no end to these bru ha has! Agyapa this, Agyapa that, everywhere I turn Agyapa is trending, with folk scrambling to facts a-bending, I just don’t get what the fuss is all about! After all it’s just Royalties turned into Securities, now registered on the London Stock Exchange, I ask again what is the fuss all about, this is good for the country no doubt…oh dear Lord when will this madness stop, As3mp3 is ready to pop…and the beat goes on and on and on… Come on As3mp3 drop the mic!!!

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