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Seriously? I mean, really NDC? Oh, brother! JDM is doing to the Agyapa deal precisely what he did to the FSHS! Can we say Deja Mooooooo? Folk, remember how many times the NDC government led by Mahama criticized the NPP’s campaign promise of FSHS? Do you recall seeing about 19 commercials/advertisements of JDM mocking the FSHS? Guess what? With the successful implementation of FSHS, NDC right on cue, true to form in its modus operandi being the party of ‘plagiarism,’ as in let us steal our opponent’s policies and ideas, are now crying that they will do a better job with the FSHS. The NDC is now imploring Ghanaians to give them a second chance to correct their mistakes and do a better job than NPP? Yeah right! Pull the other one! Correct their mistakes? Making mistakes of epic proportions that adversely impacted Ghana’s citizens are not the same as failing the WAEC examination, and taking remedial classes to retake the test, or? Let us not trivialize the mistakes made by the NDC government. Every mistake costs money, and the colossal mistakes made by the NDC government are irreversible. JDM’s continuous attack on the Agyapa deal is classic NDC politicking! I do not need to be a finance or economics major to be aware of how beneficial the Agyapa deal is for Ghana. It will cost us irreparable damage by way of investment in our children and infrastructure for Ghana if cooler heads do not see the wisdom in Agyapa. Are we going to trust the NDC to do the right thing? Let me reiterate, NDC is doing to Agyapa precisely what they did with the FSHS, and I know one day they will turn around and insist that they were committed to the deal from the start, and can make it better!!!! Let us prevent that from happening! STAY WOKE!

Déja Mooooooooooooo? Go figure!


  1. They think Ghanaians are stupid. Well maybe at one point we were in their tiny brains but we are wiser now and won’t fall for this BS! ?

    1. Nana Kwadjo!!! Nice to see you here. I need more pointers from an Economists point of view, as in your area of expertise.

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