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Helllllooooooooooo if you are seeking an exciting top-notch experience socializing; eating great food; listening to beautiful music; and exotic sampling cocktails and a local brew, look no further! Yep! Yep! Yep! You have guessed it! The Soul Food Restaurant at Kyebi, owned by my brother and dear friend, Kwesi Kuntu Asante! Folk, you will not be disappointed. Soul Food is not your average everyday restaurant and bar; it is a place where you experience an eclectic blend of cuisines and concepts. The Soul Food boasts of tantalizing traditional Ghanaian dishes fused with Caribbean, Latin America, and splashes of European dishes designed to tease your taste buds and send you on a salivating, palette-induced thrill-seeking adventure of culinary delights. Now, as you know, an experience in a restaurant is not only about the food. I will say, though the taste of the food is essential, the atmosphere plays a huge role in your enjoyment of a restaurant and that is precisely what the Soul Food provides for its patrons. The second you drive into the Soul Food parking lot; you are dazzled by the décor. From the beautiful paintings showcasing our Akyem heritage and Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori-Panin, our esteemed King of Akyem Abuakwa, to the bamboo chair cushions covered by vibrant, colorful African prints. Wait a minute that is not all! Patience, please! As you enter the restaurant, the ambiance, the waiting staff, and the music draw you in, and you meet with several different sensations! Wow! LIFE BAND MUSIC to make your toes tremble in anticipation of letting loose and dancing into the night! Yeah, I know what you are thinking…As3mp3 thrill-seeking adventures, sensations at a restaurant and bar? Folk, this is what it means to get your soul tickled and massaged. The food tickles your soul, and the music rubs it.

Oh, dear Lord, I am drooling, and smacking my lips just from the aroma emanating from the food! As3mp3, you can smell food from behind your monitor. No silly! The smiling waitress at the Soul Food just placed my boiled yam with garden egg stew in front of me! Golly!

Got to go! I cannot blog and eat at the same time! See ya! One more thing, anytime you want your soul tickled and massaged, the Soul Food & Bar Restaurant at Kyebi is only an hour’s drive away!

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