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LET US GIVE A HUGE AND LOUD SHOUT OUT TO OUR FRONTLINE WORKERS! Wahoooooooooo!!! I am sure we can agree that without their selflessness and dedication during this Covid-19 pandemic… oh boy, I do not even want to think of what our lives will be like without their minute-to-minute, daily, hourly, weekly, monthly sacrifices!

Who are these Front liners? They are mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, uncles, nieces, friends – caregivers who put their lives on the line each day, providing healthcare under extraordinary, life-threatening circumstances. God knows the tasks of doctors, nurses, orderlies, police, firefighters during normal times are difficult enough, but they now have the unenviable responsibilities of toiling countless hours during these perilous times to provide care to Covid-19 patients, and to assist in containing the spread of the virus. IT IS A NEW NORM! As healthcare systems across developed and developing nations are being put to the ultimate test and are under tremendous pressure to limit the spread of the virus, the majority of this responsibility is being shouldered by Frontline health care workers effortlessly putting their lives on the line in order to do so. It is an understatement to state that the COVID-19, has specifically thrown the health care workforce on emergency mode. The dreadful reports keep trickling in from affected countries revealing the large numbers of infected Frontliners, along with the painful deaths of these brave souls. Good grief! Imagine for a second, the trauma of walking into work each day with the knowledge that there is a high probability of contracting this deadly virus; unsure whether you will return home safely to your family; and fearful that you might unknowingly infect your loved ones with the virus. In addition to battling endless hours, draining shifts, staff shortages and deficient supplies, most Frontliners are isolated from their families, affecting them emotionally and physically. Expectedly, anxiety, depression, denial, insomnia, and anger in the face of this pandemic has taken a toll on the health service delivery adding to the increasing morbidity and ill health. These mental health problems are not affecting only the clinical decision-making capabilities, attention, judgment and understanding of the disease, but it is also having lasting impacts on their overall well-being!!!

Change is ineluctable. I have had conversations with some family and friends who have shared harrowing tales of what it is like to be a Frontliner during this pandemic. My brother, Dr. Kenneth Sampong, MD, is a Cardiologist Specialist in Leesburg, Fl, who has over 35 years of experience in the medical field, and more experience with Adult Congenital Cardiac Disorders and Cardiac Care than other specialists in his area. Now, we all know Florida is currently the epic center for Covid-19 in the USA. My brother mentioned to me in conversation, “sis, what you hear and see on the news is nothing compared to the real-life situation we face daily.” On the days that he is not on call, my brother goes straight home from the hospital, exhausted physically and mentally with the horrors of the day etched firmly on his brain. As a trained medical doctor, death, like life, come as part of the territory. BUT death under these circumstances is nothing any experienced medical doctor is prepared for. A similar conversation with Dr. Thelma Wright, Esq., a Pain Management Specialist at the Maryland University Hospital, and an attorney revealed parallel emotions and motions after work. The practice of disrobing before entering their homes; throwing their scrubs into the washing machine; taking immediate showers to hopefully wash off any contamination; living in isolation for the most part, apart from the family to prevent unwittingly infecting them with the virus. WOW! Surely this is not a healthy way to live! How long is this going to go on for? How long can our Frontliners keep up with this new norm? We must continuously lift ALL OF THESE BRAVE SOULS IN PRAYERS!

GOLLY!!! Is that the time? As always As3mp3 immerses herself into her writing and forgets about breakfast, lunch, or dinner depending on the time of the day! Speaking of Health Care Systems, Workers, and Providers, did someone just whisper into my As3mp3 ears, Akua Dede what about Medical Negligence – Medical Malpractice? Veuillez faire preuve de patience. Je suis ravi d’y creuser les dents…


  1. We salute all front liners the world over! We truly appreciate you! May God crown your effort with His Grace&protection. May He keep them especially in the area of their mental health and fortify them to cope with the being sometimes the only hope for their patients day in ,day out.God bless them everyone!
    Great write up my personal Odo! Kudos!

  2. Very well written, Ma’am. We need to continuously hold up our frontliners in prayer…we never asked for any of this to happen but the pandemic is real and without our frontliners, our fate is anyone’s guess! God bless them! God bless you for bringing the issue up!

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