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As I look around, I see people wearing masks in all shapes, colors and sizes and it hits me again, WOW! this is really the new norm. The sooner we accept the new norm, adjust to the new norm, and not dwell on things as they were, the more comfortable and peaceful our lives will become. The new norms present several pros and cons. For example, I am witnessing and observing an increase in Acts of kindness from ordinary citizens willing and able to make sacrifices to help others. Philanthropy is on the rise and it is being presented in various forms – so admirable. Then we have the cons – attending social events such as parties, night clubs, funerals, weddings, and something as simple and mundane as visiting friends and family, have changed dramatically because of the pandemic. Going out to eat in restaurants, something we took for granted, enjoyed, and looked forward to doing after a hard day or week is now ventured with trepidation. BUT hey, on the flip side, we have virtual entertainment!

Now, talking about virtual entertainment brings to mind a story about selflessness and acts of kindness… what started out as a way to provide well-needed entertainment to help keep our minds off the devastating effects of the pandemic; daily loss of human lives, jobs, fear, panic, paranoia… Ekow Fisho a renowned international DJ from Ghana started utilizing his skills and talents as a music mixer and entertainer to bring music into our homes, appropriately titled, Music for Quarantined Feet (MFQ). Fisho as he is fondly known, set up his music equipment in his home, and uses social media, Facebook, Zoom and YouTube to delight us with virtual entertainment – great music of all genre. For 18 weeks Fisho has had a large audience looking forward to Sundays, ready to log onto Facebook or sign into Zoom, to not only enjoy listening to the music, but to dance our quarantined feet away! Wait a minute, that is not all, Fisho has entertained us by inviting renowned African musicians onto his show, dazzling us with scintillating conversations with musicians such as Samini, Kidi, BukBak, Ben Brako, Gasmilla, Amakye Dede, Efya, Rockstone, Stonebwoy, Kofi Kinaata, Rocky Dawuni and Kojo Antwi.

WAIT! WAIT! WAIT! Fisho’s act of kindness and philanthropic spirit does not begin and end with just providing free entertainment and music! Fisho, along with his wife, have used ALL the contributions that viewers have generously donated to him, to help frontline workers both in the USA and Ghana! I call this act of kindness PAYING IT FORWARD. Thus far, this young man and his wife have sent donations of hot meals and beverages in his home state Maryland: Laurel Regional Hospital, GBMC – Baltimore; Adventist Healthcare Center – Silver Spring; Laurel Fire Department; Johns Hopkins University Hospital; and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, University of Maryland Hospital. In Ghana, Fisho has also donated hot meals to: University of Ghana Hospital; Ga East Municipal Hospital; Tema General Hospital; Senya Beraku Health Center; University of Ghana Medical Center; Tamale Central Hospital; and Korle Bu Teaching Hospital… WOW! WOW! WOW!

Hey! If you have not already done so, get on YouTube, type Ekow Fisho and SUBSCRIBE! YOU WILL THANK ME!

Ladies and Gentlemen change is ineluctable, embrace it! Oh boy look at the time! Dinner time! To be continued…


  1. As a healthcare worker I have been a beneficiary of the MQF. Fisho n Bel are a beautiful couple. Giving and entertainment
    is the main objective of the show. Perfectly worded reflection ❤??

  2. Thanks Dede for bringing us to reality and the awareness that we all can show a little kindness in our own small way.. you are the best sis.

  3. Wait a minute , there are more benefits running in. Some of us by dancing meet and exceed our daily step goals thereby keeping us healthy.
    Thank you Ekow Fisho, Belinda and all involved in making it happen.

  4. Thank you so much for this. Wow, people are watching and taking notes!! Music heals and I don’t mind being a medium. Thank you all for your support and see you on Sunday again. And of course, as Akua Dede said, Ekow Fisho on Youtube. Use that for your exercises, parties etc.

    1. There you go! Fisho! I could not have said it better! Music definitely heals. Music is a universal language that transcends all races, ethnicity, gender etc, and it is loved and appreciated by ALL. I do use the YouTube version for my exercise… and others have informed me they have used your MFQ for virtual parties. Incredible! Keep up the good work!

    2. #MQF is put my business on a new platform. I have my banner hung up in their living room from week 6 till now., can you imagine? and they just been cool with it. I have been introduced to over 700 potential contacts at one session, all because of Bel and Ekow.
      I dance, I meet new people, and I am selling. Can’t be better than this. Thanks to Bel and Ekow, its a win win story here.

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